All About Me

Carrie Spencer Smart Ass Romance

Everything you ever wanted to know about me, but were afraid to ask.

As well you should be. =)

Hello!! My name is Carrie, I’m 48, and I live on a farm in Iowa. No, no pigs but yes, I am surrounded by cornfields.

I manage a restaurant, design jewelry and design websites. I’m a killer when it comes to tae bo and turbo jam workouts and can lift 50lb doing bicep curls. Boo yah!

I have 6 cats and a husband from England. The husband is from England, not the cats.

I’m short, but feisty. I live for chocolate.

I live on a farm, and love it. City life is so not for me! I hate driving on interstate, hate driving over bridges (insert high pitched scream here) and I think whoever invented the “exit” off an interstate should be strung up on main street. Just put in a stop sign eh?

I make a mean Mai Tai, a meaner long island ice tea and Orville Redenbacher is my best friend.

I want to be Nora Roberts when I grow up. To that end I am learning to write romance novels. I have one completed, one about half way there and thousands started. The completed one has a plot hole big enough to fly the Hubble through. Someday someone will recognize my writing brilliance. Or not.

I have 4 grandchildren (egads) and a 24 year old son that can’t seem to stop making them. Enough already! I adore my mother, my dad has always reminded me of the 6 million dollar man and my sisters and I alternate between fighting like raccoons (if you’ve ever lived on a farm, you’d know they fight more than cats and dogs) and sticking up for each other.

Oh, and yes, I am a smartass.

What a grand life.


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