Beans, Beans the Tropical Fruit, the More You Eat the More You — Cheap Date Night

When I was a kid, that was Grandpa’s favorite rhyme…

Beans, beans the tropical fruit
the more you eat the more you toot.

He’d recite it over and over and over. And over.

Along with the always favorite-

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Whereupon we, disguised as wild Indians, would race into Grandma’s house howling for ice cream. It’s a wonder she didn’t kill us all. And him!

However, since we’re discussing cheap date night AND beans all in the same breath, we’re going to steer away from the kind that might cause “issues”. IfyaknowwhatImean.

So first up, let’s fix supper.

Steak and Green Bean Salad

1 steak, cut against the grain in thin slices
Favorite types of lettuce
Green beans – fresh, frozen or canned
Shredded mozzarella
Your choice of other veggies to add

Marinate your steak in your favorite marinade. I use Italian dressing, tabasco and some garlic. Turn a few times.

Cook in either a pan or a grill til it’s as done as you like it. (Me? Burn it.)

Cook your green beans – canned takes 4 min in the microwave, fresh and frozen take a bit longer! (But taste better!)

While it’s all cooking arrange salad on a plate. Being an Ioweenie, I use lots of iceberg and toss in some spinach for dark leafy greens. Makes me feel all healthy. Add in your mozzarella and almonds. I add in tomatoes and green peppers as well. Give it a good tossing.

When your steak and beans are done, put the beans on the salad first, followed by the steak. Serve with your choice of dressing.


And I bet you’re thinking – what kind of drink can she come up with to go with this deeeeelicious salad? Stand back folks, and I’ll show you.

Smart Ass Romance - Bottums Up - Fun Drink RecipesWith a hearty steak salad, you’re going to want a hearty beer to go with it. Dark red wine works too, but for fun, let’s try a basic Michelada. There’s tons of varieties of Michelada’s, this one here is pretty basic. But ohhhh soooo gooood.

1 bottle Corona
1 shot tequila
Kosher salt

Rim your glass with the cut edge of a lime, then dip in the salt. Add in some ice cubes and squeeze the lime over the top of them. Pour in one shot of tequila. Pour your beer over the top, adding a lime garnish if you’re so inspired.

Bottom’s up!

Now for the movie – snuggle up, take a sip and in honor of the humble bean and the London Olympics let’s watch some…..Mr. Bean! Yay!

ps, I hope you saw this the first time it ran…the Olympic Committee has removed the video. Darnit. It was pretty cool.

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