Chuck Berry goes Bottom’s Up

Smart Ass Romance - Bottums Up - Fun Drink RecipesI can never leave well enough alone. That’s what my mother has always said. Whether it was a scab when I was 8, acne when I was 14 or my first attempt at painting when I was 16.

Yeah, we’re not even going to TALK about that. ew.

The zits were prettier than my attempts at painting, which by the way, still thanks to my mother, are currently hanging in the bathroom at the municipal golf course.

So when Woodchuck came out with a Granny Smith Apple Cider, I immediately started playing with it.

And oh, it was goooooooood.

Chuck Berry

1 bottle Woodchuck cider (Granny Smith)
1 shot raspberry schnapps

Now, if you’re a barbarian like myself, you take a swig of the cider, and pour the schnapps right in the bottle. Voila.

If you’re a bit more er…high class? Pour the Woodchuck over ice and stir in the schnapps.

And just to go with the theme of “can’t quit playing with things”, here’s a little video of Chuck Berry himself.

You’ll love it. =)




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