Have some Happy Juice – Bottom’s Up!

Smart Ass Romance - Bottums Up - Fun Drink RecipesEveryone needs a little Happy Juice every now and then right? And a Pixy Stick? Do you remember Pixy Sticks? Sure you do…little paper tubes of flavored sugar that left small children climbing the walls at super sonic speed and their mother’s pulling their hair out.

Yeah…THOSE Pixy Sticks.

Today you can relive some of those childhood memories. Y’know, except laced with a touch of alcohol. =) And hopefully not climbing the walls.

Pick up a pack of Pixies (yup, they still make ’em!) and try this recipe on for size.

You’ll love the different flavors you can make.

Happy Juice
Add ice to a short glass
Add 1 shot of vodka
fill to the top with Mountain Dew or Lemonade
Sprinkle a tube of Pixy Sticks over the top and stir.

Absolute Delish.

Bottom’s Up!

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