Hawaiian Waiian

Smartass Romance Drink RecipesI know what you’re thinking.

What’s with the silly title?

Well, if you say it fast enough, it sounds like Hawaiian Wine – which is today’s fun drink recipe. So sweet, so simple to make and reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeefreshing!

1/2 glass white wine (use a flavored wine for more oomph)
Big splash of pineapple juice
Bigger splash of either Sprite or club soda

And that’s it. Add a cherry or pineapple chunk (or BOTH) for garnish, sit on the deck and watch the woodchucks and fireflies play in the back yard.

Life is good.


3 Responses to “Hawaiian Waiian”

  • I’ve been looking for some kind of drink I can enjoy at home since I can’t have beer anymore. (Doesn’t sit well at all. Stupid missing gall bladder.) This doesn’t sound bad except I don’t drink wine and know nothing about it. However, that Pom Pom thing sounds really good. I might have to try that one.

  • Try it with a chardonnay, nothing too fancy or one of the fruit white wines from Arbor Mist. Although now I see they have a new Pomegranate Berry Pinot, I’m betting that’s going to be looooovely….


  • I see a stop at the store on my way home.

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