World’s Best Long Island Tea

Just for something a little different. =)

A lot of you don’t know I bartended for probably 15 years. I loved it. Bartending is my life. Unfortunately, waitressing is where the money’s at.

But while I was “riding the stick” behind the bar, I came up with a few wonderful recipes. Here’s my personal favorite. The Long Island Iced Tea.

1 ounce each rum, vodka, gin, triple sec

Pour over ice in a tall glass.

Top with 1 shot of port o call (can be found in any liquor store) and an equal amount of coke. Yesssssssssss you can use diet coke if you must. But no pepsi. Seriously, we must draw the line somewhere.

Add a wedge of lemon, a nice bendy straw so you don’t have to put any effort into drinking the thing, and voila!

The world’s best Long Island Ice Tea.

If I do say so myself.


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