Challenge Accepted. Screw you Sciatica – Meet Carrie Spencer.

Yeah, I know. Cripes, Carrie, where ya been? You’re thinking. Or words to that effect.

I wonder the same thing myself.

First, to be totally honest, I haven’t buried myself in a garret or cave and typed out seven great manuscripts in the past six months.


I haven’t been on a cruise, haven’t been on sabbatical.

What I have been, is useless.

Oy, that hurts to say.

One day, waaaaaay back in March, I woke up with a crick in my back. No biggie, I thought, it’ll go away. A few days later, I walked with a limp, dragging a foot. A few more days and I barely walked. Honest. Limped with one leg, dragged the other. Walk this way, master….

This is SO not a good thing when you’re a waitress. I generally walk 15K to 20K plus steps a day. Easily. That’s before I added in my workout for the day.

I can give you the technical aspects of sciatic pain, the “I can’t sit” “I can’t sleep” “I can’t walk”. But until you’ve been buried under it, you don’t understand. And boy, was I buried. Constant pain was my companion. I powered through my shifts at work, doing what I do, in whatever fashion I could do it. When I got home from work, I covered myself in heating packs, ice packs and Jack Daniels.

cookieDo I want your pity? Not on your life. =) I am, as I’ve told many people, a tough cookie. Work comes first, pain came second. Some days, it was a losing battle.

Months of exercises, stretches and appointments later, I’m finally feeling….pretty good. Not 100% as other problems linger. Walking up a flight of stairs is a challenge. Bending down to pick something up is a challenge. Letting go of my bottle of Jack Daniels ….well…..just back away. And slowly.

But, in the words of my new favorite show “How I met your Mother” – Challenge Accepted.

I may not yet be able to sit for 3-4 hours at a time and work on a manuscript. I may not be able to leap tall buildings with a single bound. Yet. I may not even be able to walk up a flight of stairs without looking like my Grandma Starkenburg.

But. I’m working on it.

I’m building my strength, doing 20-40 min cardio every morning. Lifting weights twice a week. Doing rehab exercises. Riding a bike. Stretching my muscles, tightening my core. No guts, no glory.

Let me tell you and tell you true. I’m no quitter. Never have been, never will be.

boxing-glove-967348-mI’m fighting back, in the battle of my life. I’m not bending, I’m not giving. If you want to see what I’m made of, it’s blood, sweat and tears. It’s goal and motivation. It’s me against pain. Take that, sciatica. I’m SO over you. Knee pain? pfft. I laugh in your face. Weak ankles? Come meet my green stretchy band and weep in agony.

I’ve lost 10+ pounds, and I’m out there kicking ass. I’m gonna win. Screw you sciatica, you’ve just met Carrie Spencer, and I’m not taking it anymore.


6 Responses to “Challenge Accepted. Screw you Sciatica – Meet Carrie Spencer.”

  • Carrie –

    I literally write in 20 minute sprints. I messed up my back driving cross country in the SmartCar and it’s taken me months to get halfway back to normal. Nothing compared to sciatica, I’m sure. But it’s forced me to change my writing rhythm. I sent my timer, pound out words and then get up and stretch or do a little chore. Has honestly kept me sane and kept my productivity up.

    Glad to hear you’re feeling a bit better!

    • Hey Kelsey!!

      I’m definitely getting there. Thanks goodness! I do the same as you….a bit of computer work, then off to do laundry…back to the computer, then some stretches. When I forget (because I don’t have a timer!) …well, lets just say I walk around like Grandma Starkenburg. =)

  • Kerry Meacham:

    Hi Carrie,

    I saw this come in, and I’m like, “Man, it has been a while since I’ve seen a blog from Carrie.” I’m glad you’re still kicking ass. Also, being from Tennessee I have a soft place in my heart for anyone that drinks JD. If you’re ever in the Nashville area, you should take a few hours and drive to Lynchburg for the tour. BTW, it’s a dry county so you can’t by JD there, or even get a mixed drink. Go figure. I digress. Keep KAATN Lady Spencer.


    • Still kicking ass Kerry! =) And I’d love to visit Lynchburg….I used to get the Jack Daniels catalog – it had interesting tidbits in it all about Lynchburg. Sounds like a fascinating trip to take some day!

  • What a nice surprise to see your blog in my inbox again. It’s been waaay too long! I’ve been following your comments on FB so know what a battle you have been waging … also know the pain of sciatica is absolutely NO frickin’ fun! It sounds like you are doing everything right to beat the monster. Battle on and know your online friends are sending their best!

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