Strawberry Banana Trifle, Happy Drinks and a Movie in under 15 min – Cheap Date Night


Being a big believer in all things cheap and fast, when I came across a recipe for Strawberry Banana Trifle, I wanted to try it – my own way. Preferably all in one bowl, barely using any utensils or any time. So now instead of a 15 ingredient monstrosity, we’re going to make a small dessert, just enough for two with barely any effort on our part.

Ready? Here’s what you’ll need.

1 banana
Fresh or frozen strawberries
Snack pack banana creme pie pudding
Nilla Wafers
zip loc bag
Orange juice or rum (optional)

First, get a bowl. Mine is a pretty blue glass bowl. Yes, I’ll have to wash it later, but the indignities we suffer for our blog is never ending. =)

Quick Stawberry Banana Trifle
Now take about 6-7 Nilla wafers, put them in the zip loc bag and smash’em up. I used a heavy bottomed glass, it took about 30 seconds. Pour the crumbs in the bottom of your bowl.

Cover with one of the snack packs of pudding. Now seriously, you can make your own pudding, but these little snack packs are usually 4 for $1, so why bother?

Quick Strawberry Banana Trifle

Cut up half of your banana in slices, then add in sliced strawberries. Now here’s where you can sprinkle a little orange juice or rum over your fruit to give it a little oomph.

Now we’ll repeat our layers. I used two packs of the pudding and 10 wafers for the next layer and then topped with bananas and strawberries (add rum or OJ if you want!).

Top with the final carton of pudding, then crush a few more wafers for decoration on top and voila. Dessert is done! Put it in the fridge to chill a bit while we make ourselves a happy drink.

Quick Strawberry Banana Trifle
Need a happy drink? Well, lets put together a Strawberry Dragon.

handful of strawberries, fresh or frozen
Dragonberry Rum
Club Soda or Sprite

In your zip loc bag, not the Nilla wafer one – grab a new one! – toss in your strawberries. If they are fresh, make sure they’re cleaned and hulled. If they’re frozen, defrost. With a rolling pin or heavy glass, smoosh the berries. Add in about 1 Tbsp of sugar and let sit for a bit to juice.

Pour the contents in a tall glass or two, then add a shot of Dragonberry Rum to each glass. Fill with club soda or sprite. Enjoy!

Maybe I’ve never mentioned it, but I’m a HUGE fan of air shows. So I hope you’ll enjoy your dessert and drink while we watch a bit of the fly-bys at the Diamond Jubilee this past week. I’m totally impressed with the number 60 being spelled out by planes!

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