Cat Communication – Tails, Teeth and MEOW! – The Crazy Cat Lady Speaks Kitteh

We all talk to our cats right? Right. Even if you said wrong, I won’t believe you. So there.

Some cats are quite vocal and some seem to know exactly what we’re saying. “Bedtime!” And Sylvester will be in there before anyone else, reclining on the bed as if to say “Where ya been?”

Some cats meow when their water dish is empty or the kitty litter is full. One of my cats will flip the water dish with her paw, bang-bang-banging it until someone fills it up for her. Cats can make over 100 different vocal sounds from meows to purrs to quacks. Yes, one of our cats can quack.

Demanding puss.

What are some other ways cats communicate?

Headbutting or a wet nose “kiss” means affection, or “Dude, I like you!”

Tail straight up with a curl at the end means happiness. “Is that a curl in your tail or are you just happy to see me?”

Lifting head slightly with chin up means the same thing as the farmer wave in Iowa. “Yo.”

Rapid meowing means “Hello hello hello I’m happy to see you hello hello hello!”

Ears flattened to the side means “Danger Will Robinson!”

Tail twitching violently from side to side. “Hasta la Vista, baby.”

Lying on back or side with legs spread outward. “Just relaxin, hanging with the homeboys.”

Paddling or kneading “This is the life.”

Slow, blinking eyes. “I luvs you.”

Rubbing head against you means “You. Are. Mine.”

Meowing is actually a response cats learn so they can talk to US. Crazy eh?

Oh, and for your information, dogs can communicate too! Umm…mostly about food.

=) Does your pet communicate with YOU?


6 Responses to “Cat Communication – Tails, Teeth and MEOW! – The Crazy Cat Lady Speaks Kitteh”

  • We have a cat. Well, my son has a cat, I have a feline I let in and out and in and out and in and out and then I feed her. She loves my son.

    That dog video is one of my favorites. We quote it alllllll the time here at Etherton House! Bacon? Yeah, the maple kind? Nooooooo! So funny. Thanks for the giggle today!

  • So I got a brand new kitten and he is amazing. He loves to cuddle and purr, but not only. He puts his little paw (very gently) on my face and looks intently at me, like saying, “I really dig you,” hahaha. Oh, he also gives hugs – stands on his back paws, front paws around my neck and touches my face with his nose. 🙂

    • Angela, I’m glad it’s going so well with the new kitty! Sounds like she absolutely ADORES you! The nose touch is a definite kiss! =)

  • I have one cat who never talked until we got the other cat who always talks. Caelen is more a meeper and if you ignore her long enough, she flat out yells. Most. Annoying. She thinks I should sit when ordered (in her designated spot) to pet her. Regardless of what I’m doing. We’ve had the puppy almost 2 weeks and she’s not fond of her, but she’s getting better. Considering the hissing and striking out, I’m pretty sure what she’s saying to the pup is not “Welcome aboard!”

    • We have meepers and yellers both. Howlers and yowlers and one that ahroos. Glad the pets are getting along better, but it does take time!!!

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