Arizona Heat

My second writing project – okay, technically about my 3,956th writing project, but we won’t talk about the others yet – is tentatively called Arizona Heat. Might turn into Arizona Sizzle or Arizona Greenhouse Effect. You get the general idea.

Featuring Kelly Mae O’Connor and Dr. Jack Brandt in – you probably guessed this part already – Arizona, Kelly is starting up a new cyber cafe and Jack is a doctor building his new house. All sorts of disaster happen, one after another, somewhat like the proverbial snowball rolling down a hill.

Laugh out loud funny, if I do say so myself, it also features Kelly’s friends Maggie and Walt and her cat-with-a-speech-impediment Buttons.

The scorching sun warmed my front side, radiating heat from the asphalt warmed my backside as I lay sprawled on my back in the mall parking lot. Little rocks and bumps dug into the tender skin of my back and I heard the grinding whir-whir of the shopping cart wheels as they slowed to a stop by my left ankle.  I closed my eyes against the vicious glare of the Arizona sun, little black dots dancing in front of my lids, sweat running into my ears.

I’d just been run over by my shopping cart.

Just a little warmer-upper for ya there, my friends!


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