Rock and a Hard Place

You’ve heard the expression – caught between a rock and a hard place right? Well this is one of those double entendre’ things.  Hero Damien Ryder and Heroine Kylie Black (no, they don’t use their titles in day-to-day life) fall in love. Only it’s not that easy.

Of course not.

Featured in this manuscript (coming soon to a bookstore near you – soon meaning sometime in the next five years) is international travel, parasailing and rock climbing. Okay, so there’s the first rock reference. That’s a pretty easy catch.

The second one should be even easier for those of you who read romance novels. Hero Damien is built. He’s an adventurer, a climber and just a well built man. Sexy, seductive and soooo hawt. Ok, three guesses where the other “rock” reference comes from, and the first two don’t count!

Kylie finally looked up into Damien Ryder’s eyes. They were an outrageous shade of blue, thickly framed with dark thick lashes. Laughter crinkled at their corners, and a dimple flashed in his cheek as he laughed. His smooth, lean jaw invited her hand to caress and his devastatingly handsome lips were turned up in a smile. His thatch of sandy blond hair looked windblown and rumpled. The exquisite cut of his shirt announced it was Armani, but the man inside the suit filled it to a “T”. His silk tie was loosened, the shirtsleeves rolled up to expose his tanned and quite muscular forearms.

Woohoo!! Lead me not into temptation! =)


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