Contests Schmontests – Part Deux

little-friends-thumb2995704So I entered a contest. Or two. Possibly three. And I have another on the horizon that’s due Jan. 15th. Going up before the editor of my dreams. But that’s another post.

Back to where we were. Contests.

I entered I Heart Presents contest in November. It’s a contest for Harlequin writers, who…heart Presents – one of the line of books Harlequin produces.

And the winners were announced last Friday. Did I haunt the announcement page? Did I hit refresh to the point I almost drug my internet service provider down into the dirty?

You bet your sweet bippy I did.

Did I win?

Not a snowballs chance babe.

However…and this is a big however…I did receive an email on Wednesday at 7:38am from a Harlequin EDITOR….I was right in the middle of receiving a phone call from an employee who was too sick to work and voila…there it was…in my inbox….

*hum the jaws theme here*

totally ignoring the poor sobbing girl on the phone, I read the email. I whispered to her no problem, get rest, we’ll be fine. (I then spent another 20 min trying to cover the shift..but again…another story, another time)

the email said ….thank you, and while you did not win, we felt your writing showed promise.

my stomach dropped. splat.

they went on to say they liked my writing style and LOVED my opening…loved…they used the word loved…..they also included some helpful hints on revising and said to please, submit again…3 chapters next time.

they LOVED my writing. LOVED. I sang and danced. I bought santa cookies and passed them out to the employees at work. I bought snickers bars. I danced more. I put out a hip doing a booty jiggle. Then I put out the other.

They like me, they honestly like me (for those of you old enough, remember the Sally Fields speech? yeah..that one) and now, it’s 36 hours later…have I calmed down yet? Physically yes….after two double shifts and a single, a visit to the chiropractor and a hangover, not necessarily in that order, yes…I have. Mentally, however…the mind is still screaming SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! lol…I’m not kidding.

And instead of working hard this evening on a new book, what am I doing? Eating Gardetto’s and addressing Christmas cards.

I’ll save the panic for this weekend when I finally realize I need to write 3 chapters, polish another chapter, make 3 bracelets, a necklace and a pair of earrings and design an entire website by next Wednesday.




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