Craziness Abounds

I’ve been Nano-ing. For you non-writers you’re probably thinking I’ve been abducted by aliens or Mork from Ork.

I wish. =)

Instead, it’s a month of writing. 50,000 words in 30 days. You can see my progress-o-meter on the right hand side to see how I’m doing.

It’s been tough, but on the other hand, it hasn’t been a major hardship either. Granted I haven’t finished the website I said I was going to, and I’m going into a jewelry show tomorrow with not quite as much new jewelry as I wanted, but as of this particular moment, I’ve written 10,000 words in 6 days. I’ve finished three chapters, one of them several times, and am starting on chapter four.

Rock ‘n roll baby.

And it should be giving me a huge wake up call as to what I can do, if I really try. And it has. A sharp slap in the face basically.

So, wish me luck on my nano-ing and keep your eye on the progress-o-meter. If you don’t see it moving, you have the right to give me a swift kick in the rear.



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