Digging a deeper hole

This past few months has brought about multiple life changes. Nothing dramatic like being bitten by a tse-tse fly or having all my hair turn gray (no, wait, that already happened) but major and overwhelming stress. Work, weather, and life in general have all combined into one massive roiling ball of….stress.

Which brought out a lovely thing called writer’s block. Technically, I don’t believe much in writer’s block, I believe however, a person can become so stressed that they can’t “imagine” anymore. Can’t go to their happy place and invent stories.

And it’s not a fun place.

So, I’m on the attack. How? By watching Disney and Pixar movies. By reading my absolute favorite authors (Kristan Higgins, Janet Evanovich and Susan Elizabeth Phillips)(Hurry up with your new release Nora!) and diving into their characters. My writing craft books have been set aside while I read Vanity Fair. I make sure I pet each cat every day. (Ok, except for last night when Bear brought a live mouse in the house)

I’m trying to beat stress back with humor.

Will I win the battle?

You bet. Rawr.



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