Feet First!

I’m going back in to deep waters.

Shark infested.

Boiling, turbulent, roiling waters of….well, you get the idea.

I’m entering contests.

I’ve decided that between now and the infamous 49th birthday, I’m going to enter at least 4 contests.

I’m crazy, I know.

But I do weird things for my birthdays. Hair cuts, colors, new wardrobe choices. Small psychopathic episodes. But you probably don’t want to hear about those. =)

Last year on my birthday, I decided I wanted to be a writer. I took my first class in May, entered 2 contests (you can probably still read my rantings on contests schmontests) and took more classes. And yet more classes.

In September of last year I entered yet another contest, that turned out fairly darn well. 2nd place of 824 contestants. Ya know, just in case you forgot.

I’ve entered a few small ones here in January, but I’m pulling out the big guns and leaping into the fray.

Why do I always have to do something dramatic/life changing on my birthday?


Watch out, next year for the big 5-0 it might be skydiving.

Wanna come with?



8 Responses to “Feet First!”

  • Skydiving, eh? I smell a story!

    Best of luck on the contest circuit! :)It’s cheaper than a Harley when it comes to dealing with mid-life crisis syndrome!

  • ooooooooooooo a harley!! and lucky me I still have my motorcycle license…lol

  • Birthday Stock Taking Syndrom. I get it, too.
    Pretty amazing how quickly you’ve got where you are – chapeaux bas, mon Amie!
    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you, Carrie.

    ps. I’m considering a major change of hair style+ hair colour for my next borthday (in March), but knowing myself I’ll end up asking for ‘the usual trim’, a month overdue, anyway 😉

  • kate! go for the major hair style change….remember it will always grow out/grow in/change colors in six weeks! my birthday’s in march too…….=)

  • Um…you have a motorcycle license? I’m too scared to ask why and at the same time, I think your reason (which should remain unknown to moi)for having a license belongs in a book.

  • I DO have a motorcycle license and have sworn on death that I would never let it expire after the trauma we (mom and I) went through to get it…lol. And yes, it’s a good story, thanks for reminding me. =)

  • Whoot for dipping your feet back in the contest pond.

    As long as you keep ONE THING in mind, you will be just fine.

    You can’t please eveybody.

    Okay, two things you should keep in mind.

    You can’t please everybody.
    You don’t want to try to please everybody

    Contests are a great tool.
    Worse case- they give you experience in surviving a crippling review
    Best case- they can snag you an agent/editor

  • Hey thanks Trish!

    Contests are a scary thing, but I’ve got to start building up my rhino skin! Thanks for the great advice!



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