Flu you too

Agh. So I got the flu. In August. What’s up with that?

And you’d think (and you’d be wrong) that I would use that time to sit at home, curled up in bed, plotting literary masterpieces.

Instead, I went to work.

What’s up with that?

Well, everyone has the flu. Seriously, it made the rounds of the town in less than a week. It lasted about 24-36 hours, made you feel quoozy and then it went away. But, I still went to work.

So I have a wonderful work ethic. Nothing comes before work, no disease/surgery/knee dislocation is strong enough to keep me from my work.

Now, why can’t I apply that same work ethic to writing? Is it because I consider it to be a hobby? A part-time job?

Both, actually.

Which is too bad, because until I change my mindset about writing and how important it is, I won’t be pushing out 4-5 books a year. I won’t finish the 4 manuscripts I’ve got sitting on my hard drive.

So, slap me upside the head, and help me change my way of thinking.

writing. is. important.




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