Get a Real Life

I have been MIA. Has anyone noticed? anyone? Bueller?

Anyways, as they like to say, life gets in the way. For me, it isn’t so much life, as I don’t much have one, but work has gotten in the way. And that’s not all bad right? At least I have a job – or three or four as the case may be on any given day.

I’ve started making myself to-do lists. I find this is the only way I can remember to do everything I need to do. Old age isn’t all it’s cracked up to be eh? My current list looks like this:

Matt mat (remember to get Matt his new barmat)
Shawn ws (fix shawns website for launch next week)
Teri ws (done!)
pump (order a new well pump)
computer (buy a new computer)
purple jewelry (make a purple necklace and earrings)
Linda jewelry (fix a bracelet and make 2 more)
Lynda jewelry (fix a bracelet)
Cindy jewelry (put new clasps on old jewelry)
GMC (turn in homework for online class)
big mailbox (buy a bigger mailbox)

and so on and so forth. Now if i had a real life what would my list look like?

Cut down Christmas tree and set up in living room with sparkling lights and handmade ornaments
Make and decorate sugar cookies
Visit elderly in the hospital spreading good cheer
Do laundry (yes, EVERYONE has to do laundry)
Frolic with the cats
Watch White Christmas while wearing a Snuggly

so maybe I’m not all that unhappy at not having a real life after all. =)

see ya soon!


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