Getting my happy face back

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Anything that can go wrong, will.

Put on a happy face.

Things have been . . . tough. It’s a loooong story, and I’m not willing to share the details, so we’ll just say things have been tough.

So, I’m trying to get my happy face back.

Not that I’m the proverbial village idiot who grins at everything. I certainly don’t. Well, at least not everything. Not that I’m one of those gigglers who laugh at everything a person says. I don’t do that either. (Unless it’s a tipping customer, but that’s for another blog)

Today is the day my happy face is coming back. Today is the day I stop that black cloud from following me (do you hear me meteorologist Ron Demers????). Today is the day I start writing again.

Oh, I’ve piddled around the past three weeks, making my 100 word count every day. I even submitted my first 5 pages to a critique group and have done fairly well. I’ve made it to work every day, I’ve worked out every day. The laundry pile is enormous, but that’s a given on any day of the week.

But I lost my smile.

I’m almost positive if I went on a shopping spree, I’d find it again, but . . .


See, there’s one already.

There’s a time for grieving, certainly. There’s a time for tears, heartache and just plain sadness.

And I’ve done that. And now I’m moving on.

I’m finding that happy place.

I’m putting my smile back on.



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