I need professional help

I think I’m certifiable. I should probably be locked up, away from internet access. It’s for the best.

I work approximately 40+ hours a week at my day job, I work 20+ hours a week designing websites. I also design/repair jewelry in my spare time. I moderate online writing classes for a writers group, I write on three blogs, and I write.

For some reason, I’ve also decided to take three online classes this month, and for some other crazy reason, I started writing two YA novels. At the same time.

Yes, I need to be locked away.

But, can you leave me with my Blackberry please?



2 Responses to “I need professional help”

  • Jen:

    You need to yank that cardigan around you a bit tighter, take a deep breath and wait for Alpha Amish to rescue you.

  • Now you KNOW anyone reading that is going to think YOU need to be locked away as well…..=)


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