MIA Birthday

happy birthdayI’ve heard this happens a lot on blogs…people go missing for days, sometimes weeks at a time. well, it has happened to me! not that I’ve gone anywhere…it was mostly a combination of online classes, double shifts and celebrating my 48th birthday.


This years birthday was decidedly unremarkable. I woke up early (which is highly suspicious for a Sunday!) and worked. And worked. And worked. I finished homework assignments, worked on websites, tossed laundry in the washer or dryer as was appropriate, answered the phone on occasion and generally had a boring day.

Quite fitting actually for a 48th.

I even turned down a brunch and a supper invitation to try to learn a new programming language.

Yes, I’ve finally reached adulthood. It only took 48 years.

I’m sure my mother despaired of me ever getting here, I know my older sister claimed it would never happen. (Actually she phrased it a bit differently, but I’m sure y’all know what I mean)

So what happens, now that I’m an adult. Umm…nothing. Really. No bells no whistles no wrapping paper. No songs (except for my son’s rendition of happy birthday, I’ve just barely gotten my hearing back a week later) no dancing no giggling. Just work.


While I wouldn’t wish to be eighteen again, or even twenty-five, I sometimes do miss the irresponsibility, the lack of mortgage and the let’s-go-shopping-on-a-moment’s notice I seemed to have had in my thirties.

On the other hand, I’m one year closer to publication. I truly believe so. I’ve immersed myself for the past three months in learning the craft, and I’ve got two full plots hammered out. Today almost all of my online classes have finished, my bid is put in on the website requiring a new programming language and I feel…..free.

So this is what it feels like to be forty-eight.

Not bad.


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