Success and Failure

Today has been highs and lows. Much like the temperatures here in Iowa as we’re trying to decide if we’re spring or winter. Definitely not summer. 40 degrees last night. Brr.

Highs have included finishing the massive amount of web design work that has hit this past week. Starting on Tuesday morning until just a few hours ago, I was deluged with web design work. Tsunami’d.

But I did it, I caught up. Now I get to send out the bills.

I also finished two ads for the restaurant, did 3 loads of laundry and squealed over the dead mouse the cats left at the end of the sidewalk. At least they didn’t bring it in this time.

I also wrote 500 words in my new ms, revised 7 pages of an old one, and went through umpteen emails.

So what could possibly be on the low side?

Eating two ice cream bars.

Oops. (I did workout for almost 50 min to make up for it though)

And a small black moment, that I haven’t quite shaken yet. It’s still circling my head, waiting to pounce. You know how when you’re worn out and tired you always get sick? I always get sick and depressed. I’m not sick this time, yet! but I did get my own personal black moment.

What if I’m just better as a beta reader than a writer?

What if I just don’t have what it takes?

What if I really didn’t burn off enough calories to negate the two ice cream bars I ate?

These are the burning questions.

Something to think about.



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