Happy Fourth of July!

I’ve been making jewelry again.

Sometimes entire months will go by before I touch the stack of beads waiting for me, other times I’ll make three pieces in a day. It’s relaxation for me. Except the bridesmaids jewelry – making 5 pieces exactly the same in a short period of time with the bride emailing me hourly. Yeah, not so fun that one.

However, this week was the Fourth, so I made a patriotic necklace. I also made a mosaic turquoise bracelet that I’m pretty sure will be bought the first time I wear it and a simple elephant necklace.

I also made three of my infamous plastic-on-elastic bracelets in –what else– red white and blue.

So, here’s a little eye candy.


4 Responses to “Happy Fourth of July!”

  • Beautiful stuff. I’m really liking the elephant and the colors in that bracelet are so happy. You should open a store online. Or have you?

  • i do have an online store http://www.dobeaddo.com, but I’m about 6 months out of date with it…..on the other hand I finally conquered the laundry pile! lol…..you gain on one thing, you lose on another!

  • I’m loving that Reach for the Stars necklace. You do amazing stuff. I’d buy it but now I don’t know if you’ve sold it already. LOL! And I’m curious how long it is. I can’t stand anything up close to my neck, and unfortunately, I have a big neck. *sigh*

  • The Reach for the stars is about 18″….and I do believe I have not one, but two of them. One in pearls, one in seed beads. And….I can always make it longer…=)

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