A Random Post

Came home the other night to find a package of English chocolates on the floor, opened and scattered. And eaten. This alone is worth the terrifying scream that tore out of my throat. The secondary reason was that it was a skunk doing the eating.

Did I see said skunk? Luckily no. I just saw destroyed wrappers and a big mess. However, later that night the skunk entered two more times through the cat flaps and sat down to eat at the bowl. Mr. Smartass said hey, go away skunk. And it did.

This was tragedy enough. A skunk loose in my house. Next we’d come home to find it curled up on the bed fast asleep right?


The next night it was a package of Heath bars destined for a Friday night at work. Five packages demolished.

The next night it was Hershey’s Easter Eggs.

For anyone who knows me, I’m a confirmed choco-holic. And now I have a skunk who enjoys his chocolate every bit as much as I do.

Which one of us is going to win this epic battle of woman vs beast?

Stay tuned (and stand by with a can of tomato juice) as we find out next week on….

Smartass vs. Skunk



9 Responses to “A Random Post”

  • LOL omg, what can you do to keep it out short of nailing the doggie door closed? We have one that likes to use our patio (especially when the dining room window is open) as base camp LOL

  • Can’t think of a thing to do! Can’t lock the cats in or out…so I’m hiding the chocolate. On the other hand, that just means he’ll have to look harder for it! yikes! =)

  • Jen:

    Eeek! This is why we don’t have a cat door. Possums, skunks, and raccoons hang out on the deck. I swear they can hear the snick of the Friskies can opening during the second dinner seating.

    On the plus side, this skunk probably gave your offerings a good rating on Yelp.

  • there’s always an upside right? We’ve already had the raccoons and possums….this is our first skunk. I’m just glad the deer haven’t figured out how to turn the doorknobs yet.

  • Linda:

    Better leave a few treats out to keep it happy…you don’t want it to spray your kitchen in retaliation if it finds the cupboard empty!

    In the meantime, a live trap with a lure of fresh Hershey’s Easter eggs outside the cat door might do the trick 😉

  • We put a bowl of cat food out by the garage. It seems to like Hershey’s better. Not sure what you do once you have a skunk in a live trap….?

  • Linda:

    hmmm, good point Carrie.

    One problem at a time…

  • Jen:

    You need kibble with a drizzle of Hershey’s syrup. There’s a borderline diabetic skunk in Iowa.

  • he was JUST in the mudroom!!!!!! i said go away skunk!! and he left. blocked off the kitty doors.

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