A Week in the Trenches

Ok, I’m a week in. One week of fast typing and make up on the spot plotting.

What fun.


I’m currently on chapter five, after three do-overs on chapter two. (change the pov stupid!) And things are going along quite swimmingly. Or they were.

I love to be a pantser, zooming along, waiting to see where the characters take me. But a few months ago, I understood the value of plotting as once again, I got stuck on chapter three, with nowhere to go. For the fourth book in a row. So I took a few classes in plotting, learned to make myself an outline. And I could still pants a little bit, without ending up somewhere in Guam. Buying a yak. (Hey, it really happened.)

And I meant to write an outline for the nano book. Except the idea came to me at 2am, and I started typing at 730am. No outline. Straight pantsing.

So while I’m not stuck, yet, I’m leaving a lot of *** in my chapters. This means look this up, or wow, did you write like crap here. Today I realized I don’t know what a typhoon looks like. So, we got some ***’s. Nor did I know if it could happen in a place where my cruise ship currently is. More ***’s. Spanish moss? What kind of trees, birds? Is that a jaguar? The list goes on.

Even if I get my 50K words in this month, I’ve not only got serious revising to do, I’ll also have serious research to do.

But that’s okay, because that’s what writers do.



(is Italy on an ocean? Can you light a gas stove in a typhoon? it never ends….)

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