Anatomy of a Nap with Cats – Crazy Cat Lady Sleeps (sort of)

Crazy Cat Lady attempts to take a nap three times a week. These are usually on her double shift days, which makes the difference between being a crab and being her normal kind and gentle self.

General nap time starts around 3pm and is over at 4:04pm. How much of this time is actually spent napping? You decide.

3pm – flop into bed, startling Sylvester who was already taking a nap. Sylvester immediately moves in next to CCL lady’s pillow and being his purr. If not stroked quickly enough, the purr becomes a head bump, which can lead to concussion and possible brain injury.

3:05 – Marmalade joins in. Leaping lightly onto my liver or spleen, she spins around a few times then flops over for a nap.

3:10 – Tygrrrr appears, stomping up and down said body, causing growls from Marmalade and a temper tantrum from Sylvester who then stomps off, furious he’s being ignored.

3:15 – cat fight.

3:20 Tygrrr is vanquished to the bottom of the bed, Marmalade decides it’s time to get under the covers.

3:25 – Marmalade is still deciding whether to go COMPLETELY under the covers, or leave her tail hanging out.

3:30 – All cats have settled in.

3:35 – Oscar, who was happily napping upstairs, decides to see where everyone is. He bats at Tygrrr, steps on Marmalade and picks a fight with Sylvester.

3:40 – CCL announces a potty break and throws everyone off the bed.

3:45 – CCL settles back in, throws the covers over her head, says a prayer to the cat gods and curls into the fetal position.

3:50 – Sleep is attained.

3:55 – Major nightmares begin. Death by drowning, fire, vampire, zombie, large ferocious penguins ensue.

4:00 – All cats to the rescue, requesting to be petted at the same time, anything to save CCL from the nightmares.

4:04 – Michael Buble wakes me up singing “Fever”

Nap time with 3-6 cats in the house of the Crazy Cat Lady.

No need to ask about the big black circles under my eyes right?



8 Responses to “Anatomy of a Nap with Cats – Crazy Cat Lady Sleeps (sort of)”

  • LOL. I bet you sleep like the dead in those four minutes. At least they don’t push you off the bed when they stretch like Monster Puppy.

  • Can you send them off to summer camp? I’m sure they’d enjoy learning how to make wind chimes out of empty Friskies cans.

  • Ouch! I used to have two cats. They liked to sleep on my head at night – literally. Hubby said they’d wake him up throughout the night fighting, wrestling, and battling over the warm spot just above my head. Sometimes they’d learn to play nice and lay on each other and on my head. Hubby was always left in awe that I would sleep through without issue but I always did. I wish you had my sleep powers. With a three to six cats in the house, you are in dire need.

    • Natalie, I have one cat that will drape herself over my head like a furry pair of headphones. Those are the mornings I usually wake up with a crick in my neck! I agree, I wish I had your sleep powers…these black circles under my eyes are soooo not cool! =)

  • You would think your cats understood the term ‘nap’. I mean, it’s called a ‘catnap’ for a reason, right?

    Large penguins? Maybe a nap isn’t such a good idea – coffee works wonders. ; )

    • By large penguins I mean ones bigger than a buick. biiiiig penguins. but you’re right about skipping the nap…..but then there’s that whole Ms. Crankypants factor….tough call. =)

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