Christmas is so bright, I gotta wear shades


would you do this? if you had the man power AND could afford not only the lights but the electricity bill, would you do this?



10 Responses to “Christmas is so bright, I gotta wear shades”

  • Actually, my mother and step-father do this. It’s on a farm, so you see it from miles and miles away. That’s not counting the 30 Christmas trees on the inside. They start in September and take until March to take it all down. More time than I have.

    We spent last Christmas with them. Initially it was like a maze seeing something new everytime we turned around. By the end of the week, I felt like someone had belched Christmas all over the place. To visit, it’s beautiful, to live there, not so.

    • I could see doing it once, just to say “I’ve done it” but year after year would wear on me…..6 months of up and down and oy..the electricity bill!!!

  • Um, no. I love me some Christmas Cheer, but this would make me nutso in about a week. That, and how can you sleep with all those lights on? ; )

    However, I love, love, love to ride around the neighborhood with some hot cocoa and look at all the pretty lights!

  • My mother is salivating as I write this…she decorates the house to such an extreme that people drive for miles to come see it. They too live in the country. Even the barn has bells (two foot diameter jingle bells) that hang from one end. It looks amazing and she enjoys it, but it’s a lot of effort and expense.

    I do love to drive around and look at holiday decorations too.

    • I just don’t think I’d put the effort into it year after year…..of course I barely put the effort into microwave popcorn……..=)

  • I’m a big Christmas fan too but not to the extreme in the decoration department (although my kids might disagree …). It’s hilarious to hear about these extravaganzas. Nancy and Lesann, please promise us you will do a blog post at Christmas with photos from your family displays!

    • Oh hey, that would be cool……my display is a falalala sign and christmas paper towels…so it would be a brief post….lol

  • Nope Carrie. A modest light display on our deck railings is enough for me, and don’t get to that every year. I enjoy seeing the efforts of others. But remember when there was an energy crisis in th 70’s, people cut back for a while. I wonder about the electric bill expense! However, to each his own as long as it isn’t across the street from me! But then on five acres in the countryside, there isn’t much danger ….

    • I remember decorating all the outside trees at mom’s house one year with blue and green bulbs. Alternating. Oy. Modest is good for me too!

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