Day is done…

And the contest is over.

Congratulations, Leah! =)

For the rest of my second place mates, Heidi and Lindsay a small one person standing ovation. We really rocked it, ladies.

For myself, it’s almost a sigh of relief that the stress of the past month and a half is over. It really takes a toll on a person. And on the production of Hershey bars. And I’ve possibly generated new jobs at the Jack Daniels plant in Tennessee.

Sure, I would have loved to won. An editor for a year, a publishing contract. That iPad I had my eye on. But, I’m quite happy in second place. Thrilled even. It’s truly an honor.

AND I get an e-reader. I’ve been coveting an e-reader for years. So, bonus for me. =)

And now for a little rest and relaxation, I’ve joined Nano. What’s Nano? National Novel Writing Month. You write 50K words in 30 days.

Should be a walk in the park, eh?



6 Responses to “Day is done…”

  • So proud of you (if only Mr. Daniels made a *chocolate* adult beverage, right??), girl! Good luck with Nano…what are you working on?

    • Thanks Kristi. =) I’m working on something entirely new that came to me at about 2am…lol…..did the first chapter on it today, totally flying by the seat of my pants, no internal editing, just letting her loose. And enjoying it. =)

  • Leah:

    Thank you for the congratulations, Carrie. You (and Lindsay and Heidi) did an amazing job. I certainly had no idea who would win!! Please tell me you are still going to finish and submit?

    Good luck with Nano!

    • Hey thanks Leah….it was an awesome contest. I’m going to wait to see what MB says about what I have so far before I go further, so we’ll see! Keep us updated on what’s happening with your story! It was great! =)

  • Hello Carrie,

    I loved your Confessions of a Second Place Winner article. It was great. Congrat’s on your success. 😉


  • Thanks so much Elise. =) I’m keeping my fingers crossed!!!

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