Designing Book covers – Just call me crazy

I am crazy. C-R-A-Z-Y.

I work full time at a restaurant, design websites, design jewelry. I fix old people’s computers and show them how to run their email programs. I get up in the morning, go to work, come home and go to work, go to bed.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

So why!? why why why would I think designing book covers would be something fun to try?

Because I’m crazy. C-R-A-Z-Y.

And also it was a competition. And I have NO control when it comes to competitions. I dive in headfirst and damn the torpedoes later.

On the other hand, it was fun. =) Mainly because I made them for ME and no one else was standing over my shoulder, directing me to move this a quarter inch, make that blue and why is her hair so blonde?

In other words, I had no one looking over my shoulder.


So here’s a few little samples of my book covers…just for fun. NOT FOR WORK! =)


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