Facebook. Gotta love it, gotta hate it. People I haven’t seen in years are now my “friends.” My family stalks me. I stalk my employees. I get to see all the new babies, weddings, graduations and prom dresses I ever wanted to. I know what my friend in Vermont had for supper, I know my friend in Canada is going on vacation, and I know my friend in California had to wait two days for the repairman to show up.

Love it. Hate it.

But it’s necessary, especially as an upcoming writer, to have a facebook page. Mine is called, unbelievably, SmartAss Romance. Go figure eh? =)

Anyway, here’s the point I’m taking the long way to get to. I need TWO, count ’em, TWO people to like me as SmartAss Romance on facebook so I can get my official FB name.

So if you have a few moments, umm…can you be my friend? =)

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