Huge Enormous Fantastic Awesome Spectacular Bubbles


I love this video. I could watch it for hours. I desperately want to be there and pop one. Just one. =)

Would you pop one? Or let it go free?



16 Responses to “Huge Enormous Fantastic Awesome Spectacular Bubbles”

  • Whoa, those are cool. I wouldn’t pop it. I remember going to a Children’s Discovery Museum type place where you could stand in a hula-hoop and pull a bubble up from your feet and over your head.

  • The childrens museum here in Portsmouth, VA lets you do that! I have a pic somewhere of kiddo standing inside a bubble.

    I’d let them go. It would be a shame to pop one of those! (But if you do, close your eyes. That’s gonna burn.)

  • Liz:

    I love this 🙂 I’d pop some and let some go. I love how you can see them pop, they just don’t explode all at once.

  • A couple years ago me and my kids stumbled upon The Bubble Man in one of our local parks. The guy is unbelievable – he’s been making his own bubble contraptions for years and the things he uses are what you can find in every household. I love a little “bubble” poem on his website If you Google him or look on YouTube, you can find some fun videos too 🙂

  • I want one of those! I bet he wasn’t using dish detergent though! I’m going to show this to my grandchildren and I’ll check out the bubbleman site too. Good fun. Thanks!

  • This was sooo fun. I’d have to try popping one just to see what it’s like. I dig that you can see the bubble evaporate from one end to the other! My son loved this too.

  • Bubbles are awesome. Period. I’m proud to say I own a bubble machine and several battery powered bubble guns. I’ll break them out at any time – I don’t need a party to get my bubbles started!

    I wish I could make ginormous ones like these!

  • I recall something from a while back … don’t remember where, but I believe glycerin was added to the pan of soap in which the hoop string is dropped to pick up the soap. Fantastic! I wouldn’t break a bubble because it would splatter all over me!

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