Just general craziness

The laundry pile has reached epic proportions. I know, I know. Everyone thinks they’re laundry pile is enormous. BUT, there’s only two of us, and the cursed thing is approximately three feet tall.


So things have been a little crazy lately. I can’t actually find the flowering plants in the garden, they’re too over run with weeds. I still have Christmas decorations hanging from my curtains. I have over 200 books in my TBR pile.

And I have a to-do list that’s longer than my current manuscript.

How do things get so out of control crazy?

Because I’m trying to write three manuscripts at the same time.

Oh, and because I’m a slob.

And I’m one of those disorganized people that drive organized people over the edge.

I know, I know. Some of you people have specific pens for specific duties. You have spreadsheets and color coded documents. You actually KNOW where the tweezers might be.

Not me.

I truly admire those of you who can do it. I dream of an organized house, everything in it’s own rubbermaid container. Books neatly categorized on the shelf, cat fur neatly combed.

Instead, it’s chaos. I can sit right here in this very spot and stare at my laundry pile and not move. I wish it would go away, so I could see the TV, but I’m not actually going to do anything about it.

Some people like to live in chaos, others do well with organization. To me, a little chaos means a creative mind. To others, having the red gel pen handy is a necessity to their creativity.

Now, did you ever doubt me that I could turn a three foot tall pile of laundry into something positive about writing?

Shame on you…..


So what’s your style? Red gel pen or blue ball point?


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