Kitteh Giggles – Crazy Cat Lady Needs a Splash of Humor

Crazy Cat Lady occasionally has a case of the blues and needs some humor in her life. Crazy Cat Lady also needs a 15 foot long lint brush, but that’s a little harder to come by.

So, in the interest of fun and giggles, here’s a few of CCL’s favorite cat photos, videos and songs.

lolcats funny cat picturesCowmaflage

lolcats funny cat picturesFat Cat Speaks

lolcats funny cat picturesHovercat

lolcats funny cat pictures

lolcats funny cat pictures

seriously? the last one makes me laugh until I cry.

CCL lady feels much sunnier now.



10 Responses to “Kitteh Giggles – Crazy Cat Lady Needs a Splash of Humor”

  • Hi Carrie!

    Seriously, those pictures just made my day! We just adopted two kittens this past Saturday and nothing makes me smile more, than watching them interact with each other – one looks just like the cow kitty in the first pic and the second looks like the black ninja cat (although he’s a tuxedo kitty).

    Thanks for posting the great pics…I can go home happy now, and play with my kitties!

  • Carrie – I miss having cats and love seeing anything to do with them. I couldn’t get any of your videos to play. The message was that the video link was “malformed”. Was it just on my server? (whine, whine)

  • Definitely makes me miss my kitties – they certainly kept life entertaining! Thanks for sharing and bringing a smile to my face. Love Crazy Cat Lady!
    P.S. I couldn’t play the videos either. When I clicked the link to view original, I got the “malformed” error as well.

  • Love it! The videos made me laugh until I busted a gut.
    Who knew big cats like pumpkins? See? I learned something today. Yay!
    Thanks for the giggles.

  • Carrie, that last video is priceless! Though laughing, I was grossed out with the kitty drinking from the toilet then I fell over when it got to the white cat refusing to sing his part (just like a kitty) and the two cats attacking each other. I’m a sucker for all things cats. Thanks for sharing this fun!

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