New Voices

A couple weeks ago, I entered the Mills and Boon New Voices contest. Here’s my link. I bullied a few people into voting for me, y’know…mom, dad, sisters….employees wanting their paychecks. Little things like that. But as the voting progressed, it seemed I was buried in the pack. 824 stories submitted. Holy guacamole.

Yesterday, I got an email saying I had finalled. *I* had finalled. Are you kidding me? My stomach dropped, my head rolled. I immediately reached for a Hershey bar. (thank goodness Halloween candy is out already) I called my mom, of course. Emailed my sisters, emailed my BFF, screamed out into the driveway and danced for my hubby. (Luckily I explained before he dialed 911 to have me taken away)

I’m thrilled. I’m tickled pink. I’m happy as a clam. Truly.

So, now I get a mentoring team. I giggle every time I say that. It’s such an honor, such a thrill, I don’t have words. I just giggle.

I now must take my 30 pages of chapter two and turn it into something beautiful.

If I win, I get the services of a M&B editor for a year, an iPad and books. But, even if I come in 10th out of 10 (which is nothing to sneeze at mind you!) I still get a hamper full of books, and a letter of advice on my chapters from a M&B editor. Which is worth it’s weight in gold.

But win or lose or draw, this is such a proud moment for me to realize that other people like my writing and my voice.

I’m thrilled. Really.



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