Painted Cats – by People Crazier than the Crazy Cat Lady

People paint their cats. Can you believe it?

How on earth do they get them to sit still?

Wild awesome and craziness abounds in these photos.

Can you believe it? Well don’t. =) Most if not all of the lovingly Photoshopped images came from a tongue-in-cheek volume entitled Why Paint Cats: The Ethics of Feline Aesthetics (Ten Speed Press, 2002), written by New Zealanders Burton Silver and Heather Busch.

Now go back and look at those photos again. Do they look Photoshopped? These people are gooooooood. The first time CCL saw these pretty darling cats was a few years ago, and she fell for it hook, line and sinker. “The paint only lasts 3 months and then the cat has to be repainted” “30K per cat” oooohhhhhh…..there was no way CCL could afford that! No matter her little darlings would look wonderful in blue with white fluffy clouds painted on them.

Pshaw. But now, even more I must admire the Photoshopped effects of the kitties.

Now spend a moment and watch this video of a man who does extremely realistic Photoshop paintings – this one of a cat (of course)




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