So cute it makes you cry


Budweiser commercials always make me cry. Every damn time. Even if they’re funny, they make me cry. Like Hallmark commercials. Oy.

But this one I had to include because of course, it features an ass. =)

What’s your commercial weakness? What commercials ALWAYS make you cry?



6 Responses to “So cute it makes you cry”

  • I love it. You know, the commercials nowadays are just not as tear-provoking as a few years back. The Hallmark used to do it, but not so much anymore. Or maybe I’m getting old and cynical.

    Love the post!

  • Never old and cynical! =) And I don’t cry at many commercials anymore, only because I never get a chance to watch TV!


    thanks for popping in becke and cheryel!

  • Lol! Okay, I confess I didn’t cry, but I did laugh.

    The only commercial that ever made me cry was the one that showed a desk lamp with the bendy neck. The people packed stuff up, put the lamp in a box and set it out in the gutter. Then it started raining, and the lamp’s neck drooped lower. Then this guy appears with a funny accent and says, “Many of you feel sorry for this lamp. That is because you are crazee. It has no feelings.” Lol, but oh so true, I cried for the lamp.

  • I love those commercials! So totally clever! My favorite commercials are the Old Spice and all of the Super Bowl ads!

    Thanks for the big AWWWWWWWWW on the ass!

  • Angela…lol…..that made me cry just reading the description – I’ve never seen the commercial!!!

    The super bowl ads are spectacular too. Now there’s a job I’d love to have, designing those ads….

    Thanks for popping in!


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