The cats win. Again.

My cats have been on a rampage. If I let myself think about it, I’d say they’ve been on one for years, but this LATEST rampage seems to be “Lets wake Carrie up at 630am”.

Those of you who know me KNOW I don’t do 630am.

However cats don’t tell time. The little darlings.

So I invested in a squirt gun. I’ll just squeeze off a little cat stunning stream at 630am and then with a big smile on my face go back to sleep for an hour.

I bought a BIG purple squirt gun (with orange accents) for only a dollar at Wal-Mart. Worth every penny I thought to myself. I filled it with water, did a test squeeze and zaaaaapppp! perfecto.

Mwahahahaha. I cackled. Yes, an outright witchy-poo cackle. Sleep would be mine!

Right on cue, 630am came the heart wrenching meowing. The “please stroke my head right this very second” bumping. The “I’m going to lay on your full bladder” recline.

I reached for my trusty squirt gun, giggling in my sleep groggy brain. This was going to end. NOW.




Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze.

Suddenly there are rivulets of ice cold water running down my arm, drenching the bed. Squirt gun fail.

Yes, this did inspire me and my full bladder to get up. Yes, the cats got their 630am treat fix.

Yes, the cats win again.

But there’s always tomorrow…..



2 Responses to “The cats win. Again.”

  • I thought my cats were the only ones who did this. One walks along every surface, knocking things to the floor while the other claws the comforter. I was dealing until this week when the 6am wake up went to 3:30am three nights in a row.

    They are now locked out of the bedroom when I go to bed and last night was blissful, untinterrupted sleep. *sigh*

  • The worst is that seconds AFTER they’ve woken you up? They’re in bed again, in YOUR NICE WARM SPOT!!! totally unfair…..


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