The Fastest Gun in the


Obviously, this is going to be a short video. But you’re going to have to watch it a few times, just to see the action. Even when it’s in slo-mo, it’s freaking fast.

That’s okay. Take your time and watch it again. Bam.

Have you ever been the fastest anything? The best speller? Highest jumper? Would you be willing to practice hours a day to become the best at something?



6 Responses to “The Fastest Gun in the”

  • Hey Carrie, love the look of your blog (professional and fun) and your little tribute to Mom in the header. My son told me about this video! It’s amazing what you can do with practice and patience. Good lesson for writers no matter what stage of the game they’re in. I try to put craft into my day everyday but I’m not always successful, this is a good reminder. Thanks!

    • kate, isn’t that possum adorable? =) i too try to write every day, but I’ll never be as fast at writing as this guy is with a gun!

  • Jen:

    The fastest or best at anything? Eeep! I’m one of those people who do a lot of things, but nothing exceptionally well. I can fold won tons fast. I can whip up dinner in less than thirty minutes without sending people to the ER with food poisoning twelve hours later.

    I read fast. I wish I could write at Nanowrimo speed every single day.

    And now, I want to learn how to shoot.

    Bang, bang!

  • Awesome video, Carrie! As for being the fastest anything… well, I try but I don’t always succeed. I’m known to my friends as the one to respond fast to those in need 🙂

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