Third Rate Romance and Hits of the 70’s


My favorite song of the 70’s. I have it on CD in my truck and well, anywhere else I can possibly play it. A close second would be Sweet Home Alambama.

What’s your favorite song from your youth?



10 Responses to “Third Rate Romance and Hits of the 70’s”

  • My favorite is Rock with You Micheal Jackson

  • I was born in the ’70s but only remember the ’80s….my song is Sister Christian by Night Ranger. I had the actual record. My only other records included Thriller by Michael Jackson and Physical by Olivia Newton John. 🙂

    • I had tons of albums…I only have a few Elvis Presley ones now, including the blue Moody Blue one. Bazillions of 45’s too. Thriller was a great one to have!

  • Bridge over Troubled Waters? Think it was done by the Carpenters.

    • Simon and Garfunkel! I remember them singing it live on TV and thinking holy cow….for all the beautiful music they made, never in my mind did I picture them to LOOK like that…it was a pre-MTV moment …lol

  • Hmmm, I totally remember this song. My mom and step-dad listened to country when we were kids and this played all the time. And another one about ‘Swingin’ Ah, good times.

    I remember dancing to Michael Jackson (not a huge fan of Thriller, sorry), but my heart is really in the 80’s. Punk, New Romantic, Mod, Goth, Rockabilly, I was mad for all of that. I used to have hundreds of vinyl records, but alas, they either got sold or confiscated by my daughter and used as art.

  • The Beatles and The Stones for the time of my life in the ’60’s!
    Carrie, the video didn’t open for me here. Did anyone else have trouble with it?

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