Writing writing writing

Yup, I’m up to my neck in it.

Finished three, count ’em three! chapter ones this weekend. Mostly revising, some inventing, some chopping.

The trick is to keep your mind coordinated as to which one you’re working with.

We don’t want the middle grade genius boy getting the hots for the Jane Hathaway look-alike, nor do we want our fabulously chic screenwriter suddenly dressing in polyester! The men….well, one is impeccably dressed, one is wearing the worlds ugliest Hawaiian shirt, and one is 90 years old, so keeping them straight isn’t as hard. =)

Luckily, just as eating sorbet between main courses clears the palette, so does eating a Hershey’s in between each chapter clear the brain.

But mostly, it’s all about progress.

I received an email from an editor in the past week, she’d like to see the first three chapters of one of my works, AND A SYNOPSIS as well as a little tightening up in another piece as well as the ever elusive emotional conflict being upped.

I’ve gotten really good comments on my MG as well, both from a published author and an agent, so will be revising those chapters to try to bring a finish to that book.

And I still have a request for a full that I meant to have done in March. Oops. Well, it’s mostly forward progress.

Sound like I’m bragging? Well, maybe just a little.



4 Responses to “Writing writing writing”

  • Handsome Hansel:


    Let me congratulate you on your “forward progress”! (Can we progress backwards?) 🙂

    I look forward to hearing even more from you. Keep up the inspiring work!

    All my best,

  • I can definitely progress backwards! =) And at a rapid pace as well…lol…but I’m kind of liking the forward momentum…….=)

  • I’m always amazed at an author who can juggle different projects like this. I have a hard enough time focusing on one novel, forget two or three. And in different genres? No way.

    Congrats on the progress and the good comments. I received an unbiased crit a few days ago with glowing remarks and I’m still floating through the week.

  • Congrats Terri on your crit! woohoooo! keep your floating going through the weekend…it’s a holiday! =)

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