Cold dogs and hot tales – Crazy Cat Lady writes a children’s book




Aren’t they just adorable? Yes, Crazy Cat Lady enjoys dogs as well.

As a matter of fact, CCL will be writing a dog book in the next year. For small children, ages 3-7. Digitally illustrated, approximately 24 pages long. She’s absolutely thrilled to death to be working on the project with her mother. The story will be about a yellow lab who moves to her new home in Iowa, and her first Christmas there. It will only be locally available, but CCL hopes it does well in sales!

I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about the project as we work through the storyline, and those of you with small children may be suckered into asked to share bits with your children to see how they react, if the words are too big etc.

Looking forward to a great new project!



10 Responses to “Cold dogs and hot tales – Crazy Cat Lady writes a children’s book”

  • Linda:

    This sounds great, Carrie! Since I read with first and second grade readers every day, I might know a bit about those big words…! Take a look at sight word lists to determine if the words are at the right reading levels for your target audience (search: sight word lists, Fry’s sight words, Dolch sight words).

    • oh Linda….you’ve just been put on my NICE list…lol….be prepared to be bugged! thanks for the sight word lists..never would have thought of that!

  • Congratulation Carrie! Can’t wait to see the progression. I love labs and sweet children’s stories.

  • Your new book sounds fantastic. So cool that you will be writing it with your mom!

    I love those videos! I am a dog person but I like the kitties too. Actually my kids (and hubby as well) want a cat and don’t want to hear about a dog. I’ve been trying to convince them for the last couple months and with no success. Well, we will get a cat then. It’s all good.

  • How exciting! I can’t wait to read the finished product. I used to share a building with a woman who illustrated children’s books, and they were all about dogs. So adorable. I wish I had that talent.

    • Unfortunately most of my illustrating will be on the computer, but I’m definitely learning how to draw a dog as well…kind of a cartoon-y type of dog, but you can tell it is one! =) Thanks Naomi!

  • Ohmygoodness! Those videos are way too cute. I love the cat ~ he flicks his tail as if to say, ‘um, that blanket was mine’, but he doesn’t actually have the energy to fight for the blanket. Love it!

    Congrats on the children’s book! Will there be a way we can get it, even if it’s only locally available?

    : )

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