Meet Sylvester – The Crazy Cat Lady Introduces…

Crazy Cat Lady has a few minutes in between feeding the little darlings, cleaning up after the little darlings and petting the little darlings to introduce you to one of her fur babies.

Meet Sylvester. aka Sillyvester, Vester the Jester, Vester Pester.

Sylvester joined us ten years ago when he was a tiny kitty dodging cars in the Wal Mart parking lot. CCL of course rescued the poor beastie (who didn’t WANT to be rescued, but CCL always knows best) and took him home.

Since he was our first kitty, we were a bit worried he might run into trouble (in the shape of a large piece of cat-flattening farm equipment) so tried to keep him inside.

No go.

Then we attempted a cat harness.

CCL is still embarrassed at the attempt, and still carries the scars.

Eventually we settled in to a lovely life on the farm, the cat didn’t get squished and CCL let up on her over-protective streak.

Boy, was she wrong.

One day Sylvester went missing. Day two, still no Sylvester. Finally, he came home. Bedraggled, dirty, howling miserably. And wounded.

We drove him to ER at the pet hospital, where they removed his eye, and a blood clot behind the eye, where someone had viciously kicked him. We’ll never know who, but what goes around comes around. Karma will get you, you cat kicker you!

Sylvester healed nicely, but became quite the indoor cat. He wasn’t so thrilled with the great outdoors anymore. Whenever a car pulls in the driveway, he’s gone in a cloud of black fur.

He also started putting on a bit of weight. Currently he’s a 20 pounder. Yup. Twenty entire pounds of black fur. Who likes to lay on your chest and purr like a locomotive.

World, say hello to Sylvester.


16 Responses to “Meet Sylvester – The Crazy Cat Lady Introduces…”

  • He’s so pretty! How many do you have now? (I’m considering getting a third and wondering if that sends me into CCL territory.) I love big cats. Mine are 16lb and about 13lbs. No skinny minnies in my house.

    Shame he had to learn a lesson the hard way, but good he’s still around to cuddle.

  • 20 lbs! That’s a lot of Sylvester to love! I’ve had cats all my life and when I lived in the country for 15 years we had 3 cats, two dogs, and a pet squirrel. Now that we are retired and traveling, pets just don’t fit into our lifestyle so I LOVE hearing the pet stories of others. I join you in wishing the cat kicker nothing but bad karma!

  • Terri, I have 6….and the neighbors cat who keeps visiting! two cats is still normal…three cats, and….people say “three? you have three cats?” but they love to play with each other!

  • He is definitely a lot of cat Patricia! lol…..when he lays on your chest for a cuddle, you KNOW you’re being cuddled!!! oooof!

  • Jen:

    Is there a Wii fitness program for cats?

  • lol….I’d have to wake him up to put him on the wii board!

  • NancyJNicholson:

    Love Sylvester. I had a rescue cat that literally had nine lives. Sixteen years later, she ran out of those lives, but I was there with her for the entire ride.

  • Awww, I’m very smitten with Sylvester. He’s a big old ball of lovings is what he is! We are down to just one cat – Frostbite and she only loves my son. At one time I was the CCL of the block, but now that’s my neighbor. I think she has four. Maybe five. They like to sit on her balcony and tease my dogs, which I think is hysterical.

    Give Sylvester some snuggles from me. He’s a total sweetie.

  • Nancy, rescue cats are just the best…..I wouldn’t trade any of mine in for the world!

  • Tameri…definitely a “big old ball”…lol…..I’m pretty sure I’ll find him sleeping in my spot in just a few minutes!

  • 20 pounds! My goodness. I second the karma, I hope that cat-kicker gets his own faceful.

  • Isn’t he a handful Angela? I’m thinking he can kick some of his own butt now! rawr! =)

  • I am in love with your cat! He’s gorgeous!! He reminds me of my black Enigma who was also a rescue. I had him for 12 joyous years before old age got the best of him but I like to think his years with me more than made up for his tough beginnings. I am sure Sylvester feels the same about you and your family….nothin’ but luv!

  • What a sweetie! He sort of looks like my sister’s cat, who is also a rescue from the streets of NYC. When he literally wandered into her door, his umbilical cord was still attached. He is about 20 pounds of pure mama’s boy love. He kneads on her like she’s his mom. Beyond loyal. Rub Sylvester’s belly for me.

    • Sylvester is our best cat for napping with……his purr puts you to sleep….unfortunately his kneading wakes you back up!!

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