Stray Cat Strut/The Crazy Cat Lady

Someday, when you’re bored, drive by our place. You might see a familiar figure sitting on the front steps, waving it’s little paw at you.

Our little farm appears to be a meeting place for lost/dumped/stray cats of the world to unite. Kind of like a United Nations of Cats. All colors, all nationalities. All loving Whiska’s Temptations.

Currently, we have six cats. This number jumps up and down fairly radically, depending on the season. It appears October through December is the prime season for the appearance of Stray Cats. Like early Christmas Presents, but not.

Our first cat I found in Wal Mart parking lot. Just walking up and down the rows of cars, waiting to be squished flatter than an IHop pancake. The second we actually PURCHASED from a cat shelter. (we know better now). The third was in the Hy-Vee lobby, the fourth in an abandoned pick up truck. The fifth was given to us and the sixth was found standing in the backyard screaming for his mother.

There’s been more, of course there has. The neighbors cat decided to move in with us, an orange cat came calling. A pregnant black cat appeared around Halloween a few years ago and another black cat in screaming heat showed up in our basement one day yowling I Will Survive.

We’ve managed to find homes for those we didn’t keep, even though I don’t really have any friends anymore after The Great Want A Stray Cat? Hunt of 2009.

Currently, we’re in the process of trying to catch another neighbors cat, who seems to think he’d like to stay awhile. We’d prefer he went back home. Cat harmony and all of that. Until you’ve heard our female orange cat with her “Get away from me you horrid man you!” yowl, you ain’t heard nuthin’.

I’m pretty much thinking this all makes me kinda The Crazy Cat Lady, except I do happen to know a lady about 20 miles away who purchased two homes for her stray cats. Yes, homes. One is even a two story farm house. Just for cats.

Kinda makes me look like small potatoes with my Cat Gang of six, doesn’t it?



Edited to Add: We did catch the neighbors cat and took it back home. Live Trap and Friskies Beef and Liver did the trick!
Re-edited to Add: The neighbors cat is back. Sigh

8 Responses to “Stray Cat Strut/The Crazy Cat Lady”

  • I can relate. Over the years I’ve collected the flotsam and jetsam of the feline world. Neither of my two previous neighbors believed in spaying/neutering so there were new kittens at least once a year – some years there was a bumper second crop…most born in my backyard. Which was good because I could run them to the vet and find homes for them.

    People quit taking my calls and refused to answer the door should I come calling. Eventually that got better after they all had a cat (or two).

    The home where I currently reside came with two cats and eight chickens. One of the cats ran away and now lives with a neighbor (yay!) and a coyote ate the chickens (he has a really healthy looking coat). That left me with the mentally challenged six-toed feline (a true anomaly of the animal kingdom since natural selection would easily have whacked this one in the real world) and a three-legged feral I trapped and hauled with me because I was afraid no one would feed her. She’s become the terror of the countryside and is faster on three legs than the one with four legs and extra toes.

    I dare not even think what the gopher population would be without them. The yard looks like a tiny volcanic field now. I bless my furry little predators daily.

    • No one in the country believes in spaying or neutering I swear. All of ours are. And I know what you mean about the three-legged. I have one with four legs, but his hip was replaced, so the one leg doesn’t really work as well. When he runs on three? Flash Gordon, look out – here comes Tygrrr! =)

  • Loved it! I’m a cat person so could relate completely. Your header is great – very welcoming!
    Blog on!

    • Thank you! A friend of mine suggested the cornfields and cats……the possum was inspired genius. okay, CHOCOLATE inspired genius, but genius none-the-less…lol…thanks Patricia!

  • Love this! Where did you find that header? Cute-icty to go with the smart-ass-tericks. Great content, with style. Blog on!

  • Jen:

    Carrie Cae:

    My two cats make me insane. Don’t know how you do it with six. I did buy some organic catnip for them. Hmm, maybe I need to get a hookah and join in. 🙂

    Love the new header. Love MY new header! You’re a peach. An Ioweenie Peach, but like the song in “Mame” …Georgia (Iowa really) never saw a sweeter peach….Okay, I’m signing off before I start yammering about low hanging fruit.

    Very truly yours,

  • I will have to send you catnip Jen. If I can get past the cats. Wish me luck. =)

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