Beautiful, Strokable, Meltable Blown Glass

I loooooooooooove blown glass. Love it love it love it. I could hold it in my hands and stroke it for hours. Look at the varieties of shapes and colors, read how it’s made and watch people much more talented than I ever will be, make it.

Dale Chihuly is the ultimate in glass blowing. In 1976, an automobile accident left him sightless in one eye, but his work is so incredibly amazing. He deserves major kudos for his brilliant work as well as his kiss-butt attitude. Look through his site, you’ll be amazed at what he can do with glass.


Stephen Rolfe Powellis another name to follow in glass blowing. His art collections are entitled Screamers, Whackos and Teasers. His use of color is simply amazing.

Blown Glass Lighting for your home by Niche Modern A very unusual light pendant with a thoroughly modern feel

Some beautiful work by Etsy Artists….

16 Responses to “Beautiful, Strokable, Meltable Blown Glass”

  • Beautiful work. One of the villages near us, Biot (France), is famous for its distinctive glass and many of the artists have open windows to watch them work as you walk down the street. Look it up! It’s one of the reasons my carry-on bag is so heavy on the way back to Canada!

    • Patricia, I’d have a heavy bag too! And things stuffed into my pockets I’m sure! Sounds excellent, and I will go look it up!

    • Patricia I’ve just looked up Biot. I’ll be driving my family from Toulouse to Nice next month, and my husband loves glass so I’m now definitely planning a pit stop. Thanks for the tip!

  • Look at the movement of that wave! It’s hard to believe that’s glass, it’s so pretty.

    You have the most interesting topics! Blown glass (you really need to go to Murano), martini shakers, I can’t wait for your next post!

    • Tameri, the wave is spectacular….and the white bowl! to me it looks like a drop of milk splashing….I don’t know how they do it….

  • Gorgeous!!! I love blown glass as well. It doesn’t matter how many times you look at it, it’s like the first time. Stunning artists to feature – thank you!

  • I love the properties of glass as well. Ancient and modern. The way light looks shining through glass is hard to describe, but we all know what it looks like and how it makes us feel. I used to go to the hotshop at the University and watch the students work. It was a fun place because they ran 24/7 in order for everyone to have “melt time”. The night crew was the most fun since it felt like a clandestine event. So much creativity, with some beautiful and truly silly stuff made. I have several glass pumpkins made by students that are just wonderful. I’ve never blown glass, but I play with fire and do lampworking (smaller scale glass sculptural work and beads). It’s something you can do at home without investing so much.

    • Lesann…I admire lampworkers too! I took a day long class in it, and at the end the teacher said don’t bother……=) It appears I have a problem with depth perception and can’t tell if the bead is in the right part of the fire or not….ah well. There’s a place near here where they have a glass blowing studio and you can watch the process…I’ve got to get up there someday!

  • Awesome stuff Carrie, as always. It’s funny how different people see different things in art. The white bowl looks like a snail to me, but I think it is just the way it is sitting in the photo that makes the two milk splashes look like antennae. LOL. Only my brain would see that.

  • Carrie, thanks for sharing the video and the links. I could watch these artisans for hours and continue to be awed.

  • It’s such a beautiful and ancient art form. And amazing to think that something so delicate – almost ethereal, is made in such a brutal environment of iron and fire. I’m sure there are some lovely metaphors in that.

    • Nora Roberts did a book where the heroine is a glass blower…she uses lovely metaphors like that throughout the entire book….it’s one of her older ones, but still a favorite.

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