Cabin Fever Strikes – Wild Winter Fashions

Winter tends to make people . . . crazy. Granted, this has been a very mild winter so far, but still . . . craziness abounds. Polar Bear swims, golfing on frozen lakes, saunas followed by a nice roll in the snow.

Yeah, we have lots of Norwegians around here, and yeah, they really do that. Honest. Ask the UPS guy.

One of the ways people go a little bonkers is to start wearing ummm…inappropriate winter apparel. Warm, yes…but….ugly.

See what I mean?

Even Christian Louboutin gets into the act with his line of hairy shoes….

and the ever popular lion foot – only 5,000 pounds.

There’s the ever popular coyote trapper hat – complete with feet and tail

the oddly sexy leopard hood and mitts (also available in skunk and cheshire cat)

and the… the….. hmmm…

and of course, you knew they made fur pants yes? although from the look on this models face, I’d have to say maybe they itch..

seriously, check out the rest of the fashions by Chanel, yes Chanel on that page. It’ll stay with you for a long long time.

Even the animals bring out their fun fur…

and some people still think winter sucks! imagine!

pics on Sodahead

everyone knows you can buy heated gloves and socks…but did you know you could buy a rechargeable heated jacket?

and if you’re hungry, go get the scoop shovel and make yourself some snow ice cream…yummmmmbrrrrr

try barstool racing for a little excitement!

no? not so much? well then if worst comes to worst, snuggle up in front of the fireplace with a great book…

and you’ll get through winter juuuuuust fine.




12 Responses to “Cabin Fever Strikes – Wild Winter Fashions”

  • Ha! My dad’s a Norwegian UPS guy… 😉 While he doesn’t don crazy outfits, I’ve been known to put most anything on to keep warm during MN winters. (Foil on one’s head works as a great sunbeam attractor.) Thanks for the hilarious post, Carrie!

  • OMG I’ve had my eye on the FULL set of heated gear for years – heated jacket, heated pants, heated gloves, and heated socks! Yes – it all plugs into ONE battery pack that you were on your side designed to keep you toasty warm while out snowmobiling! I’ve been asking hubby for about 3 years now but it’s around $700 for the full set up. LOL!!!
    Can you imagine wearing any of the fur gear in public?!?! Seriously?!?! LOL!!

    • Natalie…I see where Harley-Davidson carries the full set of gear, and some of the snowmobile companies as well…..but yah! expennnnnnsive!!!

  • That first weird thing around the models head makes her look like an ugly flower, but the 2nd one further down looks like she’s being shat out the end of some large wild animal. LOL! I am very happy with the current winter temps my way. Drove during lunch with the car windows open a bit. Now if it will just stay this way. *sigh* (Don’t worry, I’m not going to hold my breath.)

    I do like that fireplace…

    • lmao…ok, the visual of that is going to live with me a loooong long time…thanks Terri! =) We’ve had a good winter until this past week, so can’t complain TOO much – but a little whining never hurt!

  • OMG! I can’t stop laughing (no, seriously – it’s not just my avatar). I must be living in a very boring area because nobody ever wears anything that hilarious!

    • Angela…the most exciting thing they wear around here is trapper hats….but definitely not the one that still has teeth and legs attached to it!

  • I love coats, but it never gets cold enough to wear a heavy coat here in Northern California. While I enjoy our weather, I’m envious of those who live in colder climes and are able to wear terrific coats, scarves and gloves.

    • If you see a fashionable heavy-duty winter coat? It’s either electrically heated, or not as warm as you think! Wearing a super warm winter coat means BULK. I always feel I’ve shed my cocoon when we’ve come from a long winter!

  • Oh. My. That’s about all I can say to these pics. So crazy and wonderful. Here in SoCal, we don’t see fashion like this. Ever.

    And that’s a good thing. ; )

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