Going to Graceland – Swinging good Links with Elvis

So much has been written about Elvis, so many images, so many ….well, paintings, coffee mugs, whiskey decanters, t-shirts and sightings. Me? I’m just going to toss a few items at you. No sightings, I promise.

The official Elvis Website – Elvis.com From here you can buy tickets to Graceland. Get $4.99 flat rate shipping on the Elvis Potato Head, get your own TCB logo necklace, view the Graceland cam and report Elvis sightings. (ok, I lied.) It appears Elvis.com has a bit of a sense of humor about itself these days!

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.
I have no words.
Ok, just one.

For me, it’s the music. I adore listening to Elvis. I can (and have) listened to him for months at a time while driving. Until DH finally says ENOUGH. Did you know Sirius has an all-Elvis all the time station? Here’s a list of The Times best 50 Elvis songs ever.
For me personally, the first time I heard Elvis’s Christmas music, I fell in love.

Get your own Elvis Visa card. Now. Go on, I’ll wait.

The Elvis App

Elvis on Etsy

Zombie Elvis
Elvis Whoopie Pies
Elvis Corset

Elvis Impersonators – The Good, The Bad and The….The…

Elvis Shoes – if these came in wide I would own a pair, I kid you not.

Or maybe these Elvis hightops

elvis shoesOr maybe even these…

So there you have it..a gentle welcome into the world of Elvis. Don’t panic, I’m sure you’ll be hearing more from him soon!



12 Responses to “Going to Graceland – Swinging good Links with Elvis”

  • Thanks for making me laugh. Again! I have wonderful memories of getting to Graceland on a road-trip with a friend, only to discover it was closed on the one and only afternoon we had. We have a whole suite of photographs all over the site that document “Naomi and Sonja locked out of Graceland,” and just one slightly blurry photograph of the security guard chasing us off the grounds outside the house!

  • Oh that would just break my heart! My sister-in-law went, and she brought me back a coffee mug and a few trinkets. And a TON of pictures. I’ve always wanted to go….
    On the other hand being chased by a security guard does make for a damn good story…lol

  • Thank you…thank you very much.

    Now what I want to know is, how are you ever going to get to Graceland without going across a bridge? Something to think about Carrie.

    Great stuff. My mother is a huge Elvis fan, and the bed my wife and I sleep in when we visit their house has a charcoal portrait of Elvis above the headboard. I’m not kidding. ~clink~

    • I know I know. I’ll either have to face the fear or find a driver! lol….of course getting time off from work adds a whole nuther dimension to the problem!

  • Thanks for the memories, Carrie! I didn’t go crazy for Elvis, although I was raised in the 50’s … but his music was fun when dancing! I was a prude back then, and the swinging hips embarrassed me! Good old Ed Sullivan wouldn’t show him on TV from the waist down! So nice to be older and free from prudism. Yes, that’s my new word.

  • Marion, you go ahead and use prudism as your new word….I like it!!!

  • My best friend LOVES Elvis. She’s pregnant with her first child now, and I expect the name Presley in there somewhere. 🙂

  • Kerry’s right…you have to cross the bridge. Bring a paper bag to wear over your head.

    I have a small vial of Elvis sweat. (Yes, really. My sister-in-law gave it to me for Christmas one year.)

    • my mom saw elvis in concert….i always asked if she had gotten one of his scarves…she said no, but a friend of hers did and kept it in tupperware…

  • I remember the exact spot I was when I heard Elvis had died. And 10 minutes later when the radio dude said he died on the toilet. My brother and I laughed the rest of the afternoon and I thought my stepdad was going to kill us. We were camping in the Sierra Mountains and my brother and I had to climb a tree to get away from our stepdad (a huge Elvis fan).

    Those pics, um, I didn’t know a guy could get camel toe. Ewwwww. Unfortunately, that image is now seared in my mind. Must. Cleanse. Retinas.

    • Tameri, I remember too…I was delivering newspapers. yeah, I have all the good jobs!
      And yup, if you wear clothes tight enough, ANYONE apparently can have camel toe. ow.

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