The 70’s – The Good, The Bad, and the REALLY Ugly

I grew up in the 70’s. It was a wild time, with wild hair and wild clothes. Looking back on it now is a bit…horrifying. =) Oh, I still listen to the music, but you’ll never again get me into a pair of elephant legged bell-bottoms. Never.

The Music

100 Best Songs of the 70’s Even though this links says the 100 Greatest Rock Songs of the 1970’s, it’s really the top 250. From disco to hard rock, this is the place to see what songs you remember and why. Backseat of the Mustang? Staircase Disco slow dance? What’s your favorite 1970’s song and memory?

The Monkees

Oh the Monkees. When I was a raging-hormone-filled teen girl, these were the men of my dreams. Especially Davy Jones. Siiiiiigghhhhh. Davy’s now 65. Now how old does thatmake me feel?

The Hair

The summer between sixth and seventh grades, I chopped my hair off. Probably one of the best moves I’ve ever made. Ponytails just weren’t my thing. Although I do remember wearing a sailor hat for two years, before I believe my mother threw the darn thing away…

The Shoes

I owned a pair of black and tan suede platform shoes, with Coca-Cola on the heels. I have a feeling they went the same way as the sailor hat. Moooo-ooooo-oooommmmmmm!!!!

The Movies

film poster by Mort Künstler

An original 1977 North American theatrical film poster by Tom Jung

My first date was to Jaws. Why????? Why was that a good idea? I remember the guy at the theater turning the movie OFF and demanding we settle down or he was kicking us all out. I screamed and screamed and….well, that was the end of that date.

The TV Shows

Spam Spam Spam Spam!!! From the days when SPAM actually meant something more than what you got in your email box!

The (shudder) Clothes

Seriously, what can be said?

Hope you enjoyed your trip down memory lane..what was your worst fashion fiasco of the 70’s?



14 Responses to “The 70’s – The Good, The Bad, and the REALLY Ugly”

  • Love this Carrie! I’m a child of the 70s and would still rock those platform shoes today! That is still my favorite type of shoe. And the lady in the blue pantsuit? Oh she is styling. The Exorcist is one of my fave movies and the TV shows back then were great as well…Quincy, Hardy Boys, Charlie’s Angels, Six Million Dollar Man. Don’t forget about disco music.

    In terms of fashion fiascos, I was subjected to wearing hand-me downs from my sister. I do remember some plaid bell-bottoms that matched nothing in my wardrobe and being stuck wearing black and white saddle shoes. Ugh.

    • I do remember a plaid skirt outfit I had…..I could only wear it as an outfit, nothing else matched it. But when Grandma bought me those red go-go boots to go with it? Oh yeah…..

  • Other than being born in the 70s, I don’t look back on the decade fondly. The horror of the clothes is enough to make me run back to my childhood memories of the 80s. NOT that I’d wear those parachute pants or worse, the stirrup pants again, but still better than the 70s.

    There’s a picture somewhere of me as a toddler in tie-died, corderoy overalls. My mother should be shot for that. Though I do remember the TV shows. Charlie’s Angels, Mork & Mindy (was that really the 70s???), and Quincy. Barnaby Jones was a favorite in our house. I think my grandmother had a thing for the actor.

    I adored the Monkees on their rebirth by MTV about 25yrs ago. But I consider them the 60s. My sister LOOOOOOVED Davy. Goodness how we screamed over them.

  • All that polyester………=( lol…..
    remember clackers? did anyone else play with those horrid knocker toys that probably caused more eye injuries than any Red Ryder bee bee gun?

    • Linda:

      Getting here a little late, but…
      Yes, Clackers were daring toys…”might put your eye out if they shatter…”
      Think I heard several stories where that very thing had happened! Uh well, maybe my mom told me those stories…Still, we aimed to make ours clack as fast as we could go…mine were purple with embedded silver glitter on a black string. Brilliant! Noisy, dangerous, flashy. What more could you ask from a toy?

  • Davy is 65?? Oh, that’s just wrong!

    And as for Mork & Mindy…when my oldest nephew was born in ’83 (my brother is MUCH older than I!), my mom needed to pick a “grandmother name.” She tried for MeeMee, but my dad was opposed to being called PeePee ;). So she settled on Nanoo. Yes – THAT Nanoo! Funny thing is her grandkids don’t even get it. LOL

    Great post today, Carrie!

  • What a fun post! I was born in the 70s, so there are lots of photos of toddler-me running around in tie-died bell-bottoms and crocheted ponchos. But my favourite is a picture of my dad holding me on a billy-cart. He’s wearing purple corduroy trousers, his curly hair is positively afro, and he has the kind of thick moustache that only the 70s could create. My mother, on the other hand, managed to make the 70s look stylish, she pulled off a brunette version of Jenny in Forrest Gump with aplomb.

  • Kelsey, I know…I looooooooooved Davy Jones. Sigh. Pitter patter.
    My son called my parents me-maw and be-paw……he swears he doesn’t remember any of it!


  • Oh Naomi, that reminds me of my mom…..every year we do a Mother’s Day spread of old photos of her in the paper…and one year it was all about hairdo’s….she went from BeeHive to Flip to Long Mane to Shag.

  • O.M.G. This takes me back (not really in a super good way). I was born in ’65, so the 70’s were a pivotal time for me and since my oldest sister was five years older she wore a lot of these clothes! Mork and Mindy. Gah, what a great time to be silly!

    Thanks for the flashback!!

    • I remember borrowing my sister’s bell bottoms and getting a hole in them playing tetherball……back then, holes in your jeans WEREN’T cool!

  • Jen:

    I was a fan of Peter Tork, not Davy Jones. Bought a Monkees cd last year. I still know all the words!

    I had a pair of orange (yes!), blue and purple quilted platform shoes. But that wasn’t the worst…the plaid pants were worse.


  • Oh the plaid pants. oy. I had one pair, seersucker, in red white and blue. High waisted. Horrifying….lol…

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