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Bottom’s Up – The Bing Ding-a-Ling

Oh Carrie. Where oh where do you come up with these ridiculous names for drinks?

Trust me, you don’t wanna know. It involves chocolate, sacrificial goats and vodka. That’s all I’m saying.

This drink however, does have a little basis in what kind of wine I’m using – the Bing cherry. You can probably find a wine similar to what I’m using Bada Bing Cherry from Santa Maria Winery in Carroll, Iowa. It’s a luscious dark red, with an excellent cherry taste.

Simple and refreshing.

Fill a wine glass half full of ice and half full of Bing Cherry Wine. Fill the other half half-full of lemonade and the remaining half of lemonade.

That’s it. No, seriously, I’m not pulling your leg. Go try it. Sit on a lawn chair and watch the possums play in the yard. What? No possums? Just ask, I’ll Fed Ex you one.



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