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Spring is here – the robins are here – the cats are – hey! leave that bird alone!

Ah spring is in the air. Picnics are taking place in the park, lovers stroll along the beach hand in hand.

I, on the other hand, am wildly chasing cats who are wildly chasing birds.

Its enough to drive a person crazy.

I realize cats are doing what they do, the hunt, the feast, the ….mess. And I’m doing just what *I* do – save all the little animals.

To such an end, I’ve bumped up the daily requirements of catfood, as they always say a well-fed cat won’t catch any mice!

But, it doesn’t work with birds.

One morning, on a blurry eyed trip to the bathroom, I caught a flutter of wings. My sweet baby Oscar, looking more like a Vampire Cat, had somehow managed to bring in a fairly large bird through two cat flaps, down the hall and into the bathroom. The bird was flapping, the cat was hissing and I was screaming.

The bird was safely let out the front door. Whew.

Catzilla has on occasion brought in a hummingbird and once a bat. Again with the screaming and the escaping.

Bear brought in a pheasant. I mean seriously? A PHEASANT???

What’s a cat owner to do?

1. Keep the cats inside by locking down the cat doors. Yes, this will involve over 6 months of weeping, clawing, semi-rabid cats attempting to escape.
2. Chase the birds away. I have NO idea how to accomplish this one. If they’re silly enough to land in my yard that is virtually COVERED in cats, they’ve obviously earned the “bird-brained” award.
3. Muzzle the cats. Ummm….only if a hospital was nearby for transfusions.
4. Spread buckets of bird seed at my neighbors house – they gave us their cats, they can have our birds!

Frankly, there’s just no way to stop cats from being cats. Or to stop birds from being birds.

Which leaves me, the Crazy Cat Lady, having to be fleet of foot trying to rescue any little chicks that might cross my little kitties path.

Fly free, little chickadees – over to the neighbors!!!



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