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Beautiful, Strokable, Meltable Blown Glass

I loooooooooooove blown glass. Love it love it love it. I could hold it in my hands and stroke it for hours. Look at the varieties of shapes and colors, read how it’s made and watch people much more talented than I ever will be, make it.

Dale Chihuly is the ultimate in glass blowing. In 1976, an automobile accident left him sightless in one eye, but his work is so incredibly amazing. He deserves major kudos for his brilliant work as well as his kiss-butt attitude. Look through his site, you’ll be amazed at what he can do with glass.


Stephen Rolfe Powellis another name to follow in glass blowing. His art collections are entitled Screamers, Whackos and Teasers. His use of color is simply amazing.

Blown Glass Lighting for your home by Niche Modern A very unusual light pendant with a thoroughly modern feel

Some beautiful work by Etsy Artists….

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