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Let’s go fly a KITE – Cheap Date Night Heads Outdoors for some cheap-o fun!

So when was the last time you flew a kite? Years ago, I bet. I’d say I was probably 12’ish the last time I flew one. Playing out a bit of string, running like a wild woman down the middle of the street, hoping to catch just the right gust of wind to send my kite skyward. I remember one remarkable summer day, my best friends brother made us run to the store to get more string – he’d gotten his kite so high, he’d run out!

Anyhoo, cheap date night is here again, and this time we’ll head outside for a bit of cooking and drinking – and maybe, just maybe if you watch this video you might be inspired to try your own kite flying.

Grilled Club Sandwiches

Seriously? Get that look off your face. This is quick and awesome, and kids will LOVE it, especially if you grill their peanut butter and jelly sandwich next to your ribeye.

First, build your sandwich. Your choice of bread, I prefer potato bread because it’s thick and white and holds up under a lot of conditions.
Add in your meats – I use turkey, ham and bacon
Cheese – American and Mozzarella
Vegetables – Okay, here’s where you can get all creative on me. I’m completely happy with just green peppers on my sandwich, but you can add mushrooms, onions, black olives or jalapenos. Take your pick!

Now, wrap each sandwich in foil, and grill 4-5 minutes on each side until heated through.

Is that just the easiest sandwich ever? Especially if you’re camping or the power has gone out. (Trust me, without a microwave I’m LOST in the kitchen!)

Now we’ll need a little sipper to go along with our sammie.

First, you’ll need a mason jar. Next you’ll need some fresh or frozen fruit, your choice. And some vodka and ice. Now lets make a

Smart Ass Romance - Bottums Up - Fun Drink RecipesFresh Fruit Chiller

Choose your fruit to puree. I had some fresh strawberries, so I tossed those in the blender and gave it a quick zap. Pour the puree into the mason jar.

Add one shot of vodka.

Top with some more fresh or frozen fruit (if frozen, let it thaw first to save your teeth!) I added in some watermelon and blueberries.

Fill the rest of the way with club soda, or sprite if you’d rather.

Seal the lid on your mason jar, and strap on your hula skirt, because we’re going to do some serious shaking here. Ready? One….two…three! Shake that baby!

Once it’s all mixed – um, you can stop shaking now, sweetie, but way to wiggle those hips! – unscrew the lid, plop in a straw and enjoy…..and the BONUS? Nummy fruit to chew at the end of your drink. Or, if you’re like me and can’t wait, take a nibble now and then, just to keep the hunger pangs at bay until your sandwich is done.

Now these are basically two recipes that can be done hundreds of ways, depending on what you have on hand. No vodka? Try rum, or even no alcohol at all! No turkey, use roast beef. We’re totally flexible here at Cheap Date Night!

Now, take a few minutes and watch this video of a world champion kite flyer. The ending is spectacular – who knew you could LAND a kite rather than just CRASH it into your neighbors tree?

So be honest now – when was the last time you had some fun playing outside? For me, it’s been way too long. And while I may not have a kite, I can play a mean game of hopscotch on the front sidewalk with those colored chalks the grandkids left! =)

Coconut Rootbeer Float – Bottom’s Up!

Smart Ass Romance - Bottums Up - Fun Drink RecipesEven though fall is fast approaching here-I already found my first red leaf!- I’m still thinking tropical when it comes to drinks.

My husband calls it denial.

Hey, I know what’s coming up for this winter, I just prefer to put it off as long as possible. Like til next May. =)

So let’s try this drink on for tropical-ness goodness.

Coconut Rootbeer Float

Fill a short rocks glass with ice
1 shot Malibu coconut rum
1 shot pina colada mix
and fill with root beer

Don’t forget the cherry garnish and one of those tiny paper umbrellas okay? Drink it in a hammock, just for an extra touch of the last taste of summer.


Captan Jack Sparrow – The Drink – Bottoms Up!

Smart Ass Romance - Bottums Up - Fun Drink RecipesIs there any woman alive out there who doesn’t secretly lust after Captain Jack Sparrow? The ultimate of the Bad Boys?

Nah? Didn’t think so.


However, most of us wouldn’t want to have him tootling around our living room either, or using all the mascara from the bathroom cabinet. So mix up one of these, put on the Curse of the Black Pearl and maybe pop up a bit of microwave popcorn instead.

And lust when your husband isn’t looking.

Captain Jack Sparrow

1/2 shot Captain Morgan
1/2 shot Jack Daniels
Fill with coke or diet coke as desired.

Sweet and simple. Just like our favorite pirate.

Bottoms up!

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